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Welcome to the Thames Ditton CC Fantasy League

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4 batters, 4 bowlers, 2 all rounders and a keeper within your £55m budget. Pick a captain to score double points.


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Ladies & Gentlemen of TDCC,

Welcome to this years Fantasy Cricket,

The rules are simple but please have a read before selecting your side. Points will ONLY be collected from the 3 Saturday Teams, sorry Sunday Players.

I will be asking each person that enters a team to donate £12 payable to me, if you do not pay by end of May then you will be ejected from the competition.

The Prize Fund will be announced in June but will obviously be split with the club.

Finally the player values have been made as a reflection of last years performances and opportunity this year.

NB Player values for top performing players each week will rise and for poor performance will drop

Team Manager Points
 1Inter Minaan BreadJai Patel7754
 2The Spanish ArchersMike Dixon7539
 3Played off the Park Ollie Park6845
 4Halal is it meat your looking for!Richard Maughan6428
 5Trigger Happy CCJonny Annable6195
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All Rounders
Name Value Points
 1Mike Dixon£10.0m1654
 2Prabhakar Vasudev£8.0m645
 3StJohn Farley£6.0m588
 4Oli Park£5.0m427
 5Jonny Annable£6.0m402
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Name Value Points
 1Joe Jarvis£7.0m826
 2Tamil Sunthilkumar£5.0m699
 3Chris Dixon£7.0m429
 4Andy Cassie£4.0m404
 5Rajeev Dayal£4.0m393
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Name Value Points
 1Hamza Butt£6.0m1030
 2David Morgan£7.0m737
 3Amrik Natt£5.0m641
 4Akash Kapoor£6.0m388
 5Mike Robinson£7.0m300
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Name Value Points
 1Adam Terrington£6.0m275
 2Warren Blumire£7.0m209
 3Steve Wallace£4.0m160
 4Ben Wood£4.0m-20
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Game 23 Stats

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